Black Christian Dating Checklist

Have you thought of developing a black Christian dating checklist? If you are African American and looking for love, there are often things that you will be looking for the other person to have or to offer to you. On the same note, there are likely going to be something that you do not want that person to be or to act like. While you should not set your expectations so high that other people can never actually meet those goals, there are some things that you should know and things that you should do in regards to dating. 

What Do You Want?

When it comes to dating, there are often some things that every person is looking for when it comes to finding that one person that is going to share their life with him or her. In other words, what are the qualities that a person should have before you even think about dating them? 

When you focus on finding others who will fill your life with love and hope, you need to focus on those people who share these qualities. No one is perfect and everyone has flaws. However, there are people that will fill your life with opportunity. If there are certain character traits that the person has to have, make note of that.

What Do You Not Want?

On the same token, there may be things that you just do not want to step foot into and that you just do not want to experience. For example, you do not want to be with someone that is abusive to you either physically or emotionally. You do not want to find yourself dating someone that has no willingness to work or to follow the beliefs of your Christian religion. These are what they often call deal breakers. They are things you just cannot handle within a relationship that you are part of.

Using this information consider where you will find people who share the positive traits. Are you more likely to find a black Christian to date in a local bar or at a religious organization? Are you likely to find someone that is positive, loving and caring at a charity function or in a local club? 

Throughout your day to day life, you likely come in contact with plenty of people who could be that perfect person, who will fill your life with opportunity. If you have not thought about where that person might be, now is a great time to do so. Use your church or check out some of the black Christian dating sites where you can really get to know people before you actually date them. 


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